Reflecting on My First Internship Journey at Abhyaz: A Project Management Executive's Perspective

28 Mar 2024 12:45 PM By Prasad Nimkar


Embarking on my journey as a project management executive intern at Abhyaz was an exhilarating step towards expanding my horizons in the professional realm. Despite my background in project management, stepping into the world of internships brought with it a blend of excitement and anticipation. Over the course of my internship, I had the privilege of immersing myself in various projects, learning from experienced mentors, and embracing the ethos of collaboration and innovation that defines Abhyaz's culture.

Onboarding & Induction

The journey commenced with a comprehensive onboarding and induction process, where I familiarized myself with the intricacies of Abhyaz's operations. Through engaging courses and interactive sessions, I gained valuable insights into the company's workflow and acquainted myself with essential tools such as GitHub and Zoho. This phase laid a solid foundation for my internship experience, setting the stage for hands-on learning and growth.

My First Project

Diving headfirst into my first project was both exhilarating and challenging. Under the guidance of my mentor, Chetan Huigol, I had the opportunity to contribute to a dynamic Projects. My role involved managing the skillon 365 project with there responsibility. Leveraging tools like Github, I collaborated closely with my peers, honing my skills in project management. This project not only sharpened my Skill but also deepened my understanding of the organization landscape.

Collaboration and Skill Development

A hallmark of my internship experience was the spirit of collaboration that permeated every project. Working in tandem with talented teams like HR, PDD, PSM and PPM. I gained insights into the holistic process of of an project. From planning to End Reporting, I embraced each facet of the creative journey with zeal and dedication. Engaging in peer-to-peer grading further enriched my learning experience, fostering a culture of constructive feedback and continuous improvement.


As I reflect on my internship journey at Abhyaz, I am filled with profound gratitude for the invaluable lessons and experiences it has bestowed upon me. The unwavering support of my mentors, coupled with the collaborative ethos of the organization, has been instrumental in shaping my growth as a project management executive. I am deeply thankful for the opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects and for the mentorship that has empowered me to chart a course towards future success.


In conclusion, my internship experience at Abhyaz has been nothing short of transformative. From navigating complex projects to fostering meaningful connections with peers, every aspect of this journey has contributed to my professional development. As I bid farewell to this chapter and embark on new ventures, I carry with me the invaluable lessons learned and cherished memories forged at Abhyaz. I am excited to leverage these experiences as I continue to pursue excellence in the realm of project management.

Prasad Nimkar