My Journey at Abhyaz

18 Jan 2024 10:11 PM By Avinesh078

My internship wasn't just a job; it was a thrilling adventure packed with new skills, personal growth, and valuable experiences. I wasn't just one sailor, I was two! I spent time exploring both HR recruitment and project management, like Captain Hook trying to find his treasure (except mine was knowledge, not pixie dust!).

Internship Experience

First, I donned the HR hat and learned the secret language of recruitment. Using Zoho Recruit (think of it as a treasure map for finding the perfect crew), I mastered the art of finding great people for the job. I even explored other Zoho tools, like trusty compasses and telescopes, to navigate the whole recruitment process from start to finish.

Then, I switched ship and became a project management executive. For five months, I steered a real-life project, learning teamwork, staying positive, and discovering my own strengths. It was like being captain of a pirate ship, making sure everyone worked together to bury the treasure (tasks, in this case) on time. I even used GitHub, a secret decoder ring for code, to keep track of project progress.

But hey, no smooth sailing, right? Challenges were like stormy seas, but instead of sinking, I used them to learn and grow. Working with different teams, solving problems like a clever parrot, and hitting deadlines like a cannon blast taught me the power of teamwork and time management.

Now, my internship ship has docked, but I'm not sad. My hold is overflowing with treasure - lessons, experiences, and a whole new understanding of how companies work. The mix of HR and project management gave me a bird's-eye view of everything, like watching the whole ocean from the crow's nest.

I'm excited to use these skills and knowledge on my next adventure, knowing my internship built a strong ship for my career journey.

Thank You to the Team

Thank you for joining me on this recap of my internship experience. Until next time, keep exploring, keep learning!