My First Internship Experience at Abhyaz: From Recruitment to Content Writing 

29 Feb 2024 03:41 PM By Sk Shaheer Ullah

During my one-month knowledge internship at Abhyaz as a content writer intern, I had the opportunity to explore my passion for writing, design, and research. Despite coming from a background in HR with 2+ years of experience, I made the decision to switch to content and copywriting, believing that it was a step up in my learning journey rather than a step down in my career.

Onboarding & Induction

After an extensive period of exploration and job search, I was fortunate to receive a response from Abhyaz. Once I submitted my portfolio, I eagerly awaited their decision. Finally, on January 21st, 2024, I received the long-awaited offer letter from Abhyaz. Following that, all the interns, including myself, went through induction and onboarding courses. These courses provided us with a general overview of how the company works, and we learned about various Zoho tools such as Zoho Social, Zoho Writer, and Zoho Desk. With the completion of the induction course, we received an induction badge as proof.

 My First Project

I started my internship by working on real-time projects, specifically focusing on a broader email campaign led by our mentor, Trapti Singh. The project I worked on was targeted towards educational institutes, and my task was to prepare video content for YouTube addressing the importance of Zoho Analytics in the education sector. This involved creating the video script using Zoho Writer and collaborating with my peers. This experience taught me valuable skills in using AI tools like Writesonic/ for ideation and applying SEO-friendly tactics to improve my write-ups.

Collaboration and Skill Development 

Working closely with a graphic design intern, Usha, I was involved in the entire video production process, including post-production. Additionally, I was responsible for creating the voice-over for the videos, which provided me with the exhilaration of being a radio jockey in a studio, especially while using Dolby audio and a condenser podcast mic for recording.

Upon completion of the projects, we engaged in peer-to-peer grading, where we provided input and feedback to other interns. This process not only sharpened my feedback receptivity but also instilled a sense of constructive criticism.

After the team review, we scheduled the videos for release on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube every Thursday using Zoho Social. In total, I worked on four videos during my internship. The first project focused on Zoho Analytics in education, and the second project was centred around the Grievance Management System (GMS) in the education sector, targeting educational institutions. For the GMS project, I created customized video scripts targeting different stakeholders within the education sector, resulting in a video playlist of three videos with my voice-over and scripts.

In addition to video content, I had the opportunity to write two blog articles, one on Zoho Analytics and the other on the Grievance Management System, both tailored for the education sector.

Cold-calling experience

Furthermore, I leveraged my extensive recruiting experience to make a significant impact on the HR department during my internship at Abhyaz. As someone well-versed in the intricacies of talent acquisition, I successfully executed three cold calls that proved instrumental in advancing our recruitment efforts. Although cold calling can be daunting, I approached each call with confidence and tact, overcoming any challenges that came my way. Through persuasive conversations, I was able to showcase the numerous benefits and opportunities that Abhyaz had to offer, effectively attracting high-quality candidates to the organization.   


Working with Abhyaz proved to be an enriching experience, as it was my first internship in the field of content writing. The company's culture and mentorship were commendable, providing invaluable lessons on the importance of teamwork and effective leadership. I am grateful to my mentor for empowering me for future ventures. The cooperative principles practiced within the organization further enhanced my overall internship experience. Additionally, being on a remote internship allowed me to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

In conclusion, I am immensely grateful to Abhyaz for this opportunity, as it has not only equipped me with new skills but also paved the way for my future ventures. The knowledge and experiences gained during my internship will undoubtedly shape my professional journey in the content writing field.

Sk Shaheer Ullah