03 Apr 2024 01:53 PM By abhishekprabhu318


Hello everybody, myself Abhishek Prabhu. I have worked as a Customer Support and Service Intern at Abhyaz for about three months. Coming from a technical background I was initially interested in technical roles but later I thought about shifting to careers in Customer Service, Sales and Marketing and other similar job roles. Hence I applied for this internship.

The Internship

I joined the project room from the second week for working as an intern at Abhyaz. For about the first one month I worked in the HR room and for the rest two months in PSM room. I was assigned issues/tasks by my mentors during this period and I have worked on those tasks. Throughout the internship there was great opportunity to learn and develop skills, to learn and use many tools, to gain a real world work experience, to gain industrial experience, to expand my knowledge, to work on my communication, reporting and presentation skills and to collaborate and gain social experience among others. My mentors and fellow interns were very co-operative and have helped and guided me throughout the internship for all requirements. The work culture and environment at Abhyaz is good. There is a dedicated help centre for interns as well as employees and the HR Team responds well to all tickets raised for queries, issues and requests. This internship comes with a placement opportunity not just within the organization but also outside the organization.

Onboarding, outcomes and skills developed

After onboarding and joining the project room I have developed Customer Service skills using Zoho One tools, Moodle platform, Github and by working on the project. The internship has helped me to gain knowledge and improve my business communication skills among others. Also it helped me improve my social skills which is worth noting. Call follow-ups for campaigns & Customer Service using Zoho Desk are my notable outcomes for the internship.


I would like to express my gratitude to Abhyaz for providing this valuable opportunity. I have gained valuable skills and experience at Abhyaz which adds up to my portfolio. With this internship I can expect career growth as well as great opportunities in the coming future and I thank Abhyaz for all of these.


Overall the internship is very valuable and highly recommendable to all interns, jobseekers and professionals seeking to fufill their career aspirations. It is also especially considerable for its flexibility, remote work opportunity, placement opportunity and rewarding nature.