My Experience as Web Developer intern at Abhyaz

16 Nov 2023 12:09 PM By Sanidhya


Hello Everyone! I joined abhyaz as web developer intern for 1 month. I am glad to be part of this organization. The Support and Guidence given by my mentor Saumya was really great.


1.CANVA : In my first week i learned how to use Canva for web page designing. Canva is a tool for creating Power-point slides.and i create web design in Canva. it a good tool for web designing .

2. ZOHO SITES : After creation design on Canva. i learned zoho sites for creation of web site.after i create web site on zoho is a very easy tool to create a website. you just to create design and after that you can create it by just drag and drop.Zoho sites provides functionality to create web site using in-built Zoho sites you can get pre-prepared template for web site creation. you can direct make web site using template.

3.ZOHO RECRUIT : In Zoho recruit I learned how to create module . after that i create module. also i learned how to create web form in Zoho recruit.i create web form also. in web form creation you also need you create module after you can create web forms.Zoho recruit you can use for hiring person in your can track data of your applicants.Zoho recruit also have pre-build modules also.

4.ZOHO FORMS : we can create form using zoho forms . in zoho forms you just need to grad and drop the field for your required field and you can customize it.also you can make field mandatory or optional by setting in right side. you can add banner heading whatever you want.after creation of ZOHO forms you need to integrate it with ZOHO recruit.after integration you can give link on real-world can also send thank you for applying mail to applicants by using in-built functions. so the applicants know that their form is reached to recruiter.

Learning & Growth 

I learned that if you want to make any successful project, you need equal efforts and time from every member of your team. you can't make any successful project alone. you need a team who are quick learners. 


I am really grateful for this internship because it made me realise how people work virtually. and i got experience of many ZOHO Tools.I am also thank full for all my teammates for their support and guidance.