Case Study-Evolution of Abhyaz from 2020 till now (18-month journey)

07 Oct 2022 04:51 PM By Saumya Tiwari


The MTAB Training center has undergone dramatic changes over the last decade due to the high demand for skill Development and Training in Advanced Manufacturing Technology. They came up with the concept of the Abhyaz platform for E-learning in 2020. This case study is about the Evolution of the Abhyaz- E-learning platform. 


Abhyaz is an Experimental platform for skill growth, Talent management, and engineering workplace. It provides hands-on training in advanced manufacturing technologies such as robotics, CNC, Automation, etc. Like every other company, it has evolved through the years to reach today's position. Abhyaz has a total of around 30 years of experience in manufacturing Technology. It offers online practical learning for educational institutions and LnD Departments in organizations by which users can learn and benefit in a remote environment. It provides internship opportunities for students and job-seekers. Abhyaz is building a community of interns, faculty, and gig workers and helping them with opportunities in MSME projects.


The Journey

I interacted with the CEO of Abhyaz, Ms.Sashi Sairaman to know about the journey from starting this platform to the current position it has reached.


When Abhyaz was launched it used extensive gig work as there was a need for highly creative people and it used platforms like Up-work. It was useful for certain disciplines but when it came to engineering and technology, there was limited freelancing. you must be thinking why freelancing workforce? The freelance workforce according to Abhyaz, is a highly efficient and creative workforce and people who are freelancers are innovative and problem solvers. They would do projects on contract and like to have access to new and new projects. And the concept of the gig economy is emerging and the two segments of this economy are one was students and the other was experienced workers. students work in the concept internship. we had an online platform and we had demand for work. This also synced with the vision of the team to work with the skill development market while offering value to the industry, thus bridging the industry-institute connection for MSMEs and Startups. So, from there this internship concept came. At first, we offered the internship as the paid ones, where students pay us for the internship because we wanted students who join our internship to be serious and it was new for our team too. It was the first time they were working with students and like most professionals, it required a learning curve to work with a temporary and remote workforce and deliver outcomes.

Programs offered by Abhyaz

Abhyaz offers access to 60+ engineering software across 15+ broad technologies like mechanical, electrical, electronics, civil engineering, and more. The platform has three verticals

  • Abhyaz Skill Program offers Virtual labs and Projects in Core Engineering for Faculties and Scholars

  • Abhyaz Talent Program offers Career Boot camps, Internships, and Customized Onboarding for Scholars, Candidates, and new employees.

  • Abhyaz Virtual Workplace offers engineering tools and knowledge management for Professionals and Managers

Impact of Covid-19

As we speak to the CEO about the impact of covid on E-learning, she says after covid People have realized the importance of structured content and mechanisms to track learning and its outcomes. The earlier methods of teaching and valuation have changed to a more participatory approach - where teachers are mentors, driving learners towards understanding and applying concepts. We had the makings of the platform even before covid - our skill development was delivered through LMS and we offered a variety of engineering software to deliver the skills. We came up with a solution to combine and offer both as a single solution. Then, when we had the resources, we realized the need was to increase the industry connection. To date, we have been working with academia - we started thinking of payback to academia and in that respect, we realized we had the content for internships and it became the next solution. With our infra, we believe we can offer a variety of solutions with abhyaz and we have just started with the basics. we have just scratched the surface of its capability and utilization, As our community grows the application of our platform and infra can be used in skill rating, recruitment for entry-level jobs, solopreneurs, project execution, and more

Employees Data

Abhyaz has 6 to 8 employees, and as they extensively use interns as their workforce around 50 interns are working currently. The company started with 5 interns and has reached 50 over these months. The number of applicants is from 100 to 15000, now the weekly applicant rate is 1500+ from students and job seekers. She says, almost every intern gets a job offering and leaves because they have been placed.

In learning content -Abhyaz started with 150+ courses and has built 250+ courses and added 70 software to its portfolio.

Last 6-month Intern Count

Abhyaz Internships

The Internships are 4-week remote work-from-home opportunities designed to develop the professional acumen with real-time projects in a team. there is an in-depth technical assessment to discover the skill gap and it helps bridge the skill gap with the relevant skill growth programs and trainer guidance. the technical mentors and industry professionals guide the interns every step of the way while executing creative engineering projects and industrial case studies. It gives valuable hands-on training which is much expected by employers today.

What do Interns think?

   when asked about their experience and expectations in the internship, the interns say,

Trapti Singh  -" I was a content writer. To gain experience and knowledge in technical writing I chose this internship. It is a supportive team of people, a                              friendly environment where we can feel free to communicate with everyone regarding our doubts".

Balaji           -"This internship helps to improve my technical skills and also gain industry-level knowledge ".

Vijyanand     - "Abhyaz provides me with a platform to work and gain knowledge on various updated Technologies ".

Manikandan B -" I joined this internship to improve my knowledge of designing and I hope it will help in my career". 


This time after Covid-19 working and learning in a remote environment has become a plus point & trend for both the provider and users. In case of providers or the employer, they can profit as the employees can work efficiently in the remote environment .whereas for users or learners they can work and learn from where ever they are and this attracts people not only from a particular city, talented people from various places can use the platform which again benefits the employers. creating an E-learning platform at this time has become a boon to Abhyaz as the number of users and interns are increasing day by day and it is helpful for the job seekers and students to gain knowledge in different technologies.

Saumya Tiwari