My Remarkable Experience as a Web Developer at Abhyaz

08 Nov 2023 02:14 PM By Pavan


My 1 month web development internship at Abhyaz is completed, and I have experienced an incredible journey I have embarked on. It has been a month of learning, growth, and valuable experiences that have not only improved my technical skills, but have also given me insight into the importance of collaboration and work-life balance.


During my internship, I worked on and tried to change various web pages. I was responsible for the design and developing responsive web pages and making sure the user experience was top-notch. I also had the opportunity to work with a talented team of developers who were always on hand to offer advice and share their expertise with me. Below are some of the work I completed during this internship.During my intership i used Zoho sites to build web pages and different sections.

  1. I updated the "Internship We Provide" section for Abhyaz. Previously, it was too long so the user sometimes could not scroll down the page. Therefore, I modified this section by creating one card for each type, which reduces the length of the page and makes it less attractive to users

  2. I designed and created a contact page for CNCTrain. It used to be very complex and unappealing, so I removed it and added a drop-down menu button with clickable links and a contact us site and map to choose from a variety of requests.

  3. I have added a new section to the Abhyaz homepage called "Our Services " which includes "Enterprise Transformation" and "Skills Development" with some information and buttons to get more information

  4. I Updated the Job Opportunities Section for Abhyaz. Previously this section was not beautiful, I made it even more beautiful by using beautiful colors and many mouse-over animations.

     Learning and Growth: 

     Collaboration and Team Work:

    In Abhyaz I learned what a team is I learned that collaboration is important on the web. development. No project is completed alone. Whether it's discussing design with the design team or solving coding problems with other developers, working together and sharing ideas makes work more efficient and productive.

     Balance Work and Personal Life:

    Working in the world of technology can be very easy. It was challenging, but Abhyaz taught me how important it is to find a good work-life balance. They encourage everyone, including our employees, to rest and relax. This helps us work better and happier. Finding this balance is the key to long-term success and good work, and I appreciate Abhyaz's emphasis on this topic.


    I felt fulfilled and grateful at the end of my internship at Abhyaz. Not only did I improve my web development skills, but I also learned the value of teamwork and work-life balance. This experience gave me insight into the professional world of web development and encouraged me to continue my journey in this field. I am grateful to the Abhyaz team for their guidance and support during this internship and look forward to applying the lessons learned in my future work.