My Internship Experience as a Web Developer at Abhyaz

08 Nov 2023 02:18 PM By Arjun


As my tech journey with Abhyaz internship comes to an end, I'm eager to share my experience I have gained over the past month. With the help of my tutor, I found new tools. Let's get right into the three important achievements that have left an everlasting impression on my path.


1. Odoo: Website Building and CRM Management:  My journey at Abhyaz began with exploring the Odoo platform, a business management tool. I delved into the web development aspect of this platform. Little did I know that this unassuming software held within it an extraordinary ability to create captivating websites. I designed a homepage for the website in less than an hour, and the animations were attractive. In simple words, this platform can be used to construct dynamic websites effortlessly. It enhanced my design skills to another level.

2. Revamping Speaker Showcase using Zoho Sites: Redesigning the Speakers page on the Abhyaz website from scratch while keeping user experience in mind was one of my most incredible experiences. I focused on three things: improved looks, cross-platform interoperability, and—my personal favorite—user experience. Although it was a difficult effort, I learned a lot about how UX functions.

3. Zoho Marketing Automation Tool: In the depths of my tech expedition, I learned about an amazing tool that can be used to automate customer journeys. This magical tool was all about streamlining and automating marketing tasks, such as sending personalized welcome emails to customers upon signup. I had to create new journeys for customers and implement them with the marketing team. Specifically, I researched methods for addressing abandoned carts as well. The goal of this research was to find ways to create a more personalized and engaging experience for our users so that they can receive relevant content and event information. The customizable workflows and intuitive features of this automation tool helped me understand how the customer journey works, ultimately saving valuable time and resources.


I am thankful to my mentor who supported me every time, motivating me to do something useful and solve real-world problems. I would like to extend my gratitude towards my team who helped me through peer-to-peer reviews, making changes in my work to improve its quality.