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Hello, my name is Sowmiya Kumaran. As a job seeker that has keen interest to develop my skills in Social Media Marketing, I joined Abhyaz in the month of June 2023 as a Social Media Intern for a 3-month duration.

Initial Impression of Abhyaz:

The onboarding process was smooth and the orientation was conducted by the talent operations team with sincerity, just to make sure the interns will be able to understand how the organization works and as well as know how to navigate their way for the upcoming working days.

How Abhyaz Works:

All the communication happened through virtual office using the software called ‘Big Blue Button’. For my role, I was asked to join the Content Development team and I was greeted by my mentor who was a pillar of support during my tenure. The working hours was from 1pm – 6pm and every 1st & 3rd Saturdays of a month were considered working. Any documents that were created will be uploaded in ZOHO WORKDRIVE and the work we have done so far is to be submitted on Moodle platform in the form of H5P presentation.

Commencement of A New Project:

Soon, I was assigned with a project of marketing a new product called ‘Smart Manufacturing Skill Hub Academy’. Being a social media intern as well as project leader, with my newly assigned team members (graphic designer, video editor, email marketer, blog writer), we made this project come alive with our dedication, punctuality, teamwork and constant communication.

Responsibilities of a Social Media Intern:

My task was to create a social media strategy & social media calendar by coming up with ideas on how to market the product. My team members brought the ideas into life. Then, I post it on company’s social media channels with captions that I created for the respective posts using the software called ‘ZOHO Social’.

ZOHO Social:

ZOHO Social is a social media management platform that is used to schedule and organize social media posts for social media channels. It also analyses the posts that we have posted and how well we are doing with the audience. It’s a one-stop solution and time saving to post for a social media marketer.

The People Who I Worked With:

A team member can be good in his/her job but also its important that the team member is someone who is great to work with. I am thankful and blessed to have such a solid team by my side. We had our fair share of laughter when the results weren’t what we expected but picked ourselves up by motivating each other to do better than before.


I thank Abhyaz for giving me this opportunity to learn a lot of various skills as well as meet different minds over the past 3 months. I hope to use this experience for my future endeavours.

‘We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.’ – Walt Disney


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