Working Experience as an Intern

01 Nov 2023 06:33 PM By Pranjul


Hi, myself Pranjul Bakliwal and I worked as a Graphic Designer intern for 3 months at Abhyaz, and it was my very first experience as a Graphic Designer in any company. I am a keen learner and I learned so much about Digital Marketing and many more other strategies and tools throughout my journey as an intern here. I’ve also had an opportunity to work on a variety of projects for a variety of clients.

So, let me take you through my experience as an intern at Abhyaz.

The Onboarding Process:

The Onboarding Process of interns at Abhyaz is just so hassle free and seamless. There’s no waste of time and everything is handled and maintained by the team with great sincerity and patience. The onboarding process is arranged by the Talent Operations Team and they always make sure that the interns are very much clear about the working of the platform and their respective departments.

Commencement of a project:

As soon as I entered my department I was assigned with a new project of Abhyaz Upgraded Internship and got the chance to lead that project and it was a very privileged moment for me which really helped me improve my leadership, communication, team-management and many more skills that will really help me throughout my career.


Created Market Plan- I made 11 pages of market plans using the tool Canva. Through this task I got a chance to enhance my creativity as well as imagination, and bring life to my visions.

Posting through Zoho Social-This was my first time using Zoho platform, but it didn’t seem like it. It was very easy to use and I was assigned with the task of all the 11 sequenced pages designed on canva to arrange and do the content over Zoho. It really improved my Designing skills and content for the very first time.

Designed Website Structure- I was also assigned with the task of Website Designing and it was my first time I laid my hands on Designing Website on a professional note but my mentors and colleagues didn’t let me feel that. And this task really helped me develop my designing skills, thinking and research skills.

In addition to these projects, I also had the opportunity to work on a variety of other tasks which really affected my personal growth in a very positive manner.

Mentors and Colleagues:

My mentors played a crucial role in shaping my internship journey. Their willingness to invest time and effort in my development created a nurturing environment, allowing me to gan confidence and make a meaningful contribution to the team.


Internships are the kick start to your career and I’m so grateful to have started mine at Abhyaz. I’ve got to learn so much about myself as well as the working environment of companies. I also got to know some amazing people and mentors and created the content that I’m proud of.

I’m way too excited to see where this journey takes me next, and I’m so thankful for the support I’ve received along the way.