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In Abhyaz you will get

Are you looking for academic or research projects, then we have an offer for you for your technical and nontechnical projects!

In Abhyaz you will get.

  • Virtual infrastructure
  • Industrial projects
  • All software and necessary infrastructure to execute your project
  • We offer all technical and nontechnical projects
  • The platform is totally free

We offer projects

In Abhyaz we are offering technical and nontechnical projects. You can join us with your team and a faculty guide and execute your project or get an industrial project from us. We offer projects in

  1. HR

  2. Engineering

  3. Data Science

  4. Operation

  5. Web Development

Who can apply ?

  • Project team of Engineering students with a faculty guide

  • Students who are pursuing masters in engineering

  • Phd scholars

How does it work ?

  • Fill in the form(link) and apply.

  • We will send you the evaluation email and complete the given task.

  • We will send you offer mail, accept the offer and join us.

How long can you take to finish a project ?

  • For Engineering undergraduates - minimum of three months

  • For Engineering Postgraduates - one year

  • For Ph.D. researcher - one year 

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