Abhyaz Project Application Form
  • Abhyaz Project Application Form

    Please provide as much information about your project for evaluation & execution. Technologies are Automation (Pneumatics, hydraulics, PLC, Switch gear, electrical circuits, digital electronics), CNC, Robotics, CIM, IoT, Industry 4.0

  • 1. General Information

  • The project team should consist of 3-5 members with 1 Mentor Faculty.

  • 2. Project Description

  • 3. Quantitative benefits (Address only the benefits that are relevant to this project)

    (Optional) Please mention in brief an estimate of expected profit of the project as a whole and also the expected profit of individual milestones (Word limit : 150-200 words)

  • 4. Risk and Constraints

  • Enter the required deadline, if applicable. (Units in hours / days)

  • Enter the cost threshold, if applicable.Mention the cost in words and any constraints (Word limit: 50)

  • Enter the Scope (Mention a one liner about the end-to-end outline of the project , its major milestones as well as its boundaries in not more than 100 words )

  • Enter the key deliverables of the project. Please define them with individual tracking parameters (Word limit : 150 words)

  • Enter Project Metrics quantifying the defects, cost, schedule, productivity and estimation of various project resources and deliverables. (Word limit : 200 words)

  • Enter KPIs (Word limit : 150-200 words)


  • CNCRoboticsAutomationIndustry 4.0Digital Twin
  • POCApplication DevelopmentSolving an issue in existing applicationProduct Test ReportData Analytics and DocumentationFish Bone Analysis
    Project Type
  • CNCRoboticsIndustry 4.0Digital Twin
    Application Type
  • CNC Programming for Turning and millingSiemens, Fanuc and Mitsubishi controller program for CNCTool manufacturing industries
  • Programming of the RobotsMaterial Handling, MIG Welding and Spot Welding ApplicationIntegration and Commisioning
  • PLC prgrammingIntegration and CommisioningFault detection and safetyAutomobile/manufacturing industries
  • Live monitoring with Nanobox & Mindsphre IoT platformLive system monitoring & controlling with Node-Red platform
    Industry 4.0
  • Product LevelProcess LevelPlant Level
    Digital Twin