My Journey with Abhyaz as a Data Analyst Intern

13 Mar 2023 02:26 PM Comment(s) By Prudhvi


I’m Prudhvi Komiripalepu,

 I was a Data Science Intern at Abhyaz for past 3 months. I’m glad to be part of this organization. I would like to share my experience as an intern at Abhyaz through this blog post.

Internship Experience  

Even though it’s a remote internship, it always felt like a real office environment. It’s well known that Data Analytics requires teamwork, Every person I met here are very free to communicate and ready to help when ever I need. And the mentors also support me very well. the BigBlueButton UX facilitates collaboration by allowing you to connect with your team in the conference, share your screen, present your work, and receive feedback as if you were right next to them.

What I Learned 

Throughout this internship I learned a lot, in terms of soft skills, And in terms of technical skills, I was introduced to Zoho Suite. Worked on Campaigns where to send joining emails with respected department links and with enrolment keys to the new interns who applied for Internship, and also worked on Account Mapping where I learned web scrapping, Collecting Data from different websites using scrapping apps, Extensions, Uploading data in to CRM, and also Worked on Dashboards where I learned Data Cleaning like Changing formats, extracting data in single column to separate columns using excel formulas, at the same way cleaned same data using python codes and also work on data Enrichment, Creating new Charts, dashboards, modifying existing dashboards, solving errors on dashboards while facing issues I’ve done most of my work in Zoho Analytics(desk analytics workspace) Work drive, and CRM. We record or works and upload it as a submission to help new interns to understand about the work we are doing here.

Perks of this Internship 

As a Data Science Intern, I was able to work on entire data analytics pipeline, from Web scrapping to obtaining Insights from Dashboard/Data. Before this Internship, I was just working with standard, small in scale, “not that complicated” data. Because of this internship I was able to work with realworld data (which is complex and massive in scale), which comes with its unique challenges and time and time again, test my problemsolving skills. Working with these kinds of data definitely boost my confidence on my own skills. 


I would like to thank Abhyaz for providing me this opportunity where I could showcase and grow my skills. The support and guidance provided by my mentor and team was invaluable and I’m very grateful for that. 

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