My Journey With Abhyaz 

18 Jun 2022 05:02 PM Comment(s) By Marketing

My Story

I am working in Abhyaz from MTAB technology center for 5 months as a technical intern and now I have became a freelancing mentor. I joined Abhyaz as I was interested in a mechanical design internship. I found out about Abhyaz from Internshala and onboarded as an intern from there. This has been a great journey for me as I got to know about many things. First, I was working on developing wiki pages related to mechanical engineering. Mechanical Engineering was divided into its core, prerequisites, and advanced subjects. In that, I needed to add content about the subjects like an explanation, calculation methods, references, books, etc. I worked on many subjects such as fluid mechanics, engineering physics, finite element method, advanced composite materials, etc.

After that, I started developing experiments relating to the analysis of different types of beams. In experiments, there are many activities relating to theory, calculation, and software part. I used FEA Tool Multi-physics software to develop these experiments and conduct analysis on beams. By applying boundary conditions and load there can be a visualization of where stress can be maximum and how a beam can fail. This can avoid failure and waste of resources. There is more than 60 software in the Abhyaz virtual lab so that was the most interesting part is I can work on any software of any technology. This has helped me to get deep knowledge about Analysis and CAD/CAM.

After a few months, I started to work on the flipped classroom. So, I have completed many topics relating to CAD/CAM/CAE and Automation. I make experiments based on the topics so others can familiarize themselves with the topic and software. I have worked on the CAD drawing, pneumatics, hydraulics, manufacturing types, etc.

In this internship, I have learned the practical aspects of the topics relating to different technologies. Abhyaz is the platform where I came to know in detail about the analysis of the beams and also about the open-source software. The mentors here are very helpful and they guided me in every possible way. From this internship, I have learned a lot and I am continuing to learn as I am becoming aware of many different topics. 
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