My Internship Journey at Abhyaz

01 Nov 2023 01:09 PM By Aayush


Hey there! I'm Aayush Patel, a mechanical engineering intern at Abhyaz. Join me on a journey through my internship experience where I'll share the projects I worked on and the lessons I learned. Abhyaz has been a great place for my engineering adventure, and I can't wait to tell you all about it.

Getting Started

I began my Abhyaz journey by applying for the internship. After a thorough evaluation, I was thrilled to be selected. The onboarding process introduced me to company policies, essential tools, and my engineering department's operations.

Learning and Collaboration

With the support of experienced mentors and fellow interns, I delved into the world of mechanical engineering. We worked together, learned from each other, and grew as a team.

Tools and Techniques

As a mechanical engineering intern, I got my hands on industry-standard software and simulation tools, which were crucial for my projects. All my work was documented digitally for mentor and peer evaluation.


Project 1

 Additive Manufacturing Process Chain: In my first project, I created Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for additive manufacturing. This cutting-edge technology is changing the game in manufacturing.

Project 2

Estimation of Total Hardness of Water using EDTA Complexometric Method: This project involved creating SOPs for a lab experiment to estimate the hardness of water using a method called EDTA Complexometric.

Project 3

Determination of Resistivity of a Semiconductor using the Four Probe Method: I prepared SOPs for a lab experiment that determined the resistivity of a semiconductor using the Four Probe method. We used virtual lab tools for this project.

Project 4

Navigating Robotics and CNC Technology: For my final project, I explored the world of robotics and CNC technology. I created SOPs to test various CNCTrain Robotics workshops, capturing the essence of these transformative workshops.

Project 5

 Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Odoo: This project explored Odoo's Integrated Manufacturing and PLM Solution. I documented the processes that help streamline manufacturing using Odoo.

Challenges and Growth

Throughout my internship, I faced challenges like optimizing manufacturing processes, dealing with complex chemical experiments, understanding semiconductor behavior, and navigating robotics and CNC technology. These challenges helped me grow as an engineer. I learned to iterate designs, work with intricate simulations, and bounce back from setbacks.

Personal Growth

My internship wasn't just about engineering. It taught me valuable skills like adaptability, time management, problem-solving, and effective communication. These skills will be invaluable in my future engineering career.


Abhyaz's internship program has been a transformative experience. Engaging with a diverse group of engineering minds broadened my horizons and expanded my professional network. As I move on to the next phase of my engineering journey, I feel well-prepared to tackle new challenges and achieve engineering success.