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My self Mageshwari. M joined as the HR executive intern at Abhyaz and got to learn some many things and got experience by working at the Abhyaz has intern. Which was a remote internship and also very comfortable to work from our places begin a student it is very easy to attend the class and the internship. I have got some many knowledge from internship and the mentors are we kind and guide us and help how to work with the task and also can learn how to work in a team and also complete the task. They used to encourage to do and learn more things from the internship. It was really a wonderful experience in working at Abhyaz.

Day to day activities

Collaborate with the whole team and resolve queries. Using theoretical knowledge to bring a fresh perspective to the various day-to-day activities. Participate in weekly review meetings with various teams.Good understanding of the recruitment and hiring process and ensure employees understand and comply with them. Work on the sales IQ to solve the candidates queries which need to follow daily. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Maintaining records and data of each employee and providing them to the management team when required and follow the excel sheet.Based on HR executive intern is responsible for managing day-to-day human resource activities like managing publish job openings, creating job descriptions, onboarding training sessions and sending offer letters, evaluating the candidates submission. Need to close the tickets and reply to that tickets. 

GitHub task

         In GitHub some task will be assigned by our mentors and we need to submit that task and give update about the work so that they can know what was the states about the work. After that you need to submit the link of the work in that


·  Need to create campaign and activated

·  Publish and Unpublish

·  Contact the candidates

·  Attend warp up sessions

·  Evaluate the portfolio submissions

·  Send offer letter for the selected candidates

·  Onboarding the candidates


I have worked on some work like Sales IQ, Email Campaign, Publish and Unpublish and Desk.

These are work which I have done and the link given below:

Sales IQ:

  In these we need to attend the call and solve the queries of the candidates what are the issues they are facing and then in that we can also make calls and screen share their page and solve the problem.

Email Campaign:

  In these we need to draft the old campaign and then create the contact list and import them in the draft and edit the content then active the campaign.

  These are the task which I have done during my internship and so happy to be a part of these internship .I would like to thank  all of them who helped me during my internship and guided and supported during the internship.


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