My Experience at Abhyaz

21 Jan 2023 06:33 PM Comment(s) By Selvapriya


I'm Selvapriya Selvasekar, and I spent the last month as a Data Science Intern at Abhyaz. I’m glad to be part of this organization. I would like to share my experience as an intern at Abhyaz through this blog post.

Internship Experience

Even though it was a remote internship, it always felt like an actual office environment. It is worth noting that Data Analytics necessitates collaboration; the BigBlueButton UX facilitates collaboration by allowing you to connect with your team in the conference, share your screen, present your work, and receive feedback as if you were right next to them.

What I learned

Throughout this internship, I learned a lot, in terms of soft skills and got more confident in my ability to converse and articulate my ideas with others. And in terms of technical skills, I was introduced to Zoho Suite. Before this internship, I’d never used Zoho, but with the help of my team, I was able to learn it in no time. The majority of my work has been completed in Zoho Analytics, Work Drive, and CRM.

Perks of this Internship

As a Data Science Intern, I was able to work on the entire data analytics pipeline, from web scraping to obtaining insights from dashboards and data. Before this internship, I was just working with standard, small-scale, "not that complicated" data. Because of this internship, I was able to work with real-world data (which is complex and massive in scale), which comes with its own unique challenges and time and time again tests my problem-solving skills. Working with this kind of data boosts my confidence in my skills.


I would like to thank Abhyaz for providing me with this opportunity to showcase and grow my skills. The support and guidance provided by my mentor and team were invaluable, and I’m very grateful for that.

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