My Experience as a Software Intern at Abhyaz

17 May 2023 01:52 PM Comment(s) By Shubham


Hello everyone! My name is Shubham Kumar, and I had the privilege of working as a Software Intern at Abhyaz for one month. During this period, I had an amazing opportunity to learn and grow both personally and professionally. In this blog, I would like to share my journey and experiences as an intern at Abhyaz.


I joined Abhyaz as a Software Intern on the 27th of March. The onboarding sessions were informative, and based on our internship preferences, we were provided with different courses to enhance our knowledge. During the first week, our mentor encouraged us to review study materials to familiarize ourselves with various tasks. After that, we were assigned specific tasks to work on.

Working with the team at Abhyaz was a truly enriching experience. I had the chance to apply my existing skills and knowledge while learning new ones from my fellow interns. The collaborative environment and support from my mentor were instrumental in my growth. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from others and upgrade my skills. Additionally, this internship helped me develop my presentation and interpersonal skills, which are crucial in any professional setting.

One project I worked on was Persistent Memory Compute with vCXL. I analyzed and generated valuable insights from it. Throughout the internship, I made two submissions: one on Introduction to PC Interconnect standards and another on the Linux Kernel Support for CXL System. These projects allowed me to delve deeper into the subject matter and expand my understanding of Persistent Memory Compute with vCXL, particularly its significance in interconnection..


I am sincerely thankful to the entire team at Abhyaz for their support and for providing me with this opportunity to learn and apply my skills. I am confident that the knowledge and experiences gained during my internship will greatly benefit me in my future endeavors. While technical skills are crucial, I also want to emphasize the importance of the communication and presentation skills I acquired during my time at Abhyaz.

In conclusion, my internship experience at Abhyaz was both wonderful and fruitful. I look forward to carrying forward the lessons learned and continuing to grow in my professional journey.


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