Loved to be an Abhyaz Intern

17 Jan 2023 01:58 PM Comment(s) By Aakankshi


My name is Aakankshi Kachroo, and I work in human resources. I've been interested in learning and development since my postgraduate days, which led me to Abhyaz to learn new skills in this field. 

Experience as a L&D Intern:

In my internship tenure with Abhyaz, I learned to create and update new course templates, map competencies to the course, add a course certificate, add reference material in the form of documentation tools or videos, and assess using the H5P tool. The support and guidance given by my mentors, Ms. Jayanthi AJ, Mr. Tamizh Selvam, and Mr. Dinesh Kumar, were very helpful in every aspect. I got familiarised with tools like Moodle, Github, Zoho, Workdrive, and H5P.


Additional Tasks done:

I worked with the HR Team on the update of the HR Onboarding Course, adding Technical and Workplace Competencies and created skill sets and tool-related outcomes for all the departments, updated the Common Skill Set for each of the departments and designations, and also added two set of Performance Review Questionnaires for all the departments.



I would like to thank the Abhyaz team for providing me with such an opportunity, where I have enhanced my skills, and I also would like to recommend this opportunity to all the freshers who would love to gain experience in the career they are looking forward to.



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