Journey as Abhyaz Intern

23 Jan 2023 03:31 PM Comment(s) By Subashini


I am Subashini. My Internship as Software Intern in Abhyaz for the past three months has been the most rewarding and motivational experience I have ever had. With such empathetic, compassionate and supportive mentor, this experience has helped me to learn about the new technologies and have given a practical experience using different platforms.

Exposure to Work Environment:

The internship in Abhyaz has given me a good exposure to the work environment. I came to know about how the corporate world works and the responsibilities of an individual as an Employee. One of the most inspiring things in Abhyaz Internship is while we are assigned a task and on its completion we must make the appropriate submission for the task which was very helpful to recall the knowledge which we gained during our internship.

Skills Gained as Software Intern:

In the past three months, I worked on software tools like Zoho Catalyst and Humanitec. In Catalyst, I worked on developing different types of applications that are helpful for Abhyaz and in Humanitec I worked on the Discovery Module. And also, I worked on different Zoho applications like Zoho Recruit, Zoho Desk, Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho People in which I worked on the alternations of the sites, adding social channels, creation and configuration of the Bots and the creation of guided conversation to give the customers auto response.


Internships are an opportunity to network and build lasting professional connections. So the overall experience in Abhyaz has helped me to be a better person. I would like to thank my mentors and team members for making this internship as a good memorable one.

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