Abhyaz Internship Experience

01 Dec 2022 04:33 PM Comment(s) By Arnab

Introduction : 

Hi,I am Arnab Dutta. I have done my B.Tech in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. But I have an interest in robotics. So I have joined Abhyaz as a robotics engineer intern for 1 month. I am a fresher. So I start my career as an intern in Abhyaz.

How do Abhyaz Enhance my skills?

During one month internship I have worked on robotics vision and intelligence, Embedded system, PCB design. There I have learned new softwares like opencv ,Arduino IDE, EasyEDA. I have also written a blog. That is my first time to write a blog and to publish it in a platform. So this internship is very fruitful for me.

About the Mentor & Team :

In engineering team my mentors are Jayanthi mam and Tamizh sir. They guide me through out the course. And in content developer team Trapti mam also guides me to write my first blog. My fellow interns also help me a lot. So it is a nice experience to work with them.


About Internship :

It is a remote internship and timing is from 1 pm to 6pm. So it is easy to work in this internship. If you want to start your career, you can choose this internship. It will increase your experience , skills, knowledge. 

Conclusion :

Working as an Intern in Abhyaz is a good experience for me. It has enhanced my knowledge, skills. Thanks, Abhyaz for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this organization.

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