My Internship Experience - Ups & Downs

09 Jan 2023 02:18 PM Comment(s) By Roshan

My Honest Experience

   Hello folks, Myself Roshan Dhadiwal and I've interned as a Content Development for the past 5 months (Aug - Dec 2022). I’ve been engaged in various activities which includes technical writing plus some graphic designing as well. In technical writing I’ve worked on blogs, feature sheets, tabular documents, email templates, annexure and knowledge base articles. In business writing I’ve worked on proposals. In graphic designing I’ve worked on brochures, PPT, infographics, roadmap, flyer and hero images. I’ve learned many different things which includes handling moodle login & meetings, how to make a design for a particular collateral, business writing, H5P documentation, skill capture / 1-2 min video, knowledge capture and many more things. 

   Best part of the internship was that my mentor and my colleagues were supportive. Sometimes I wasn’t available because of my placement drive so my mentor used to accept the leave and I was really relieved because of that. My mentor used to always guide me as well and also used to ask my opinion as well and it was really interesting. 

   The worst part of the internship was creating H5P documentation for each and every task because every H5P documentation includes the same format like how you have created it, what tools you have used and similar things. For eg: If I worked with canva software so every time I had to explain all the steps which were mostly similar for every document which I created using canva. This was literally very frustrating to perform the same task every time. Also, I got trouble with connecting to mentors from other departments because sometimes tasks are interlinked and also sometimes mentors were not available but that’s ok. It can be understood because of workload and meetings.

What skills have I learned and applied?

I’ve been engaged with different activities so far including a small part of graphic designing as well. I learned:

  • Brochure Designing

  • Proposal Writing

  • Canva Software

  • Zoho Writer tool

  • Zoho Sheet tool

  • Roadmaps

  • Flyer

  • Hero Image

  • Annexure

  • Knowledge Base


Definitely you will get an amazing experience through this internship as an intern because there may be some flaws with respect to H5P documentation preparation but still I enjoyed the rest of my internship. I also gained a lot of knowledge and different skills. You can apply for this internship through their official website You can give it a try for this internship as it is totally remote and comfortable to do.

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