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 HR and Finance, what's the difference? Both are all about handling the people and they both have to do with money. They aren't that different after all. Work in HR is mainly responsible for employee relations, personnel policy and development, work scheduling, succession planning including retirement plans, benefits administration and employee recruitment etc., while finance is concerned with developing policies through sales strategy analysis, cost management etc. Basically, I guess that it depends on how you look at things. If you take an HR-oriented view as an executive who works for a large organization setting up new initiatives like flexible working hours or parental leave policies or make a budget for a department head in finances but not being sure whether there is any leftover budget for Research and Development (R & D) then yes Finance looks very different from HR department work. 

What is HR and Finance ?

 HR and Finance are two departments within the organization which act as a bridge between the business and their employees. The role of HR is to create an environment for employees to be productive. They also need to ensure that employees have a comfortable working environment as well as protecting their interests by providing them with details of their compensation packages, benefits, and so on. On the other hand, Finance has many responsibilities like preparing budgets, deciding on hiring new employees and paying salaries etc.

  •  HR and Finance are the central components of a company. HR and Finance usually work together to ensure the company's employees enjoy their jobs on a daily basis, while making sure that they are receiving the right pay after being at work for so long. This can be challenging especially when there are various departments to handle and these two functions overlap in managing HR systems such as payrolls.

  •  "HR and Finance” – that's a hell of a combination. But it's the one you have to have, so here's what you need to know!

  •  The work of HR and Finance is to find ways to make the workplace more efficient. This can be done by hiring more staff or making better use of the staff that we do have. The work also consists of setting up a system for tracking employee behaviour and development.

Responsibilities of HR department 

The work of the HR department is to identify the employees and provide them with a chance to improve their qualifications. The main responsibility of the HR department is to provide assistance and support in various aspects related to employee's growth, development and development of the company. If a company wants the employee to fulfil their duty with the best possible result then they have to concentrate on providing proper direction and training for their employees. In order to enhance your work efficiency we can easily achieve this by improving our skills and communication skills.

Responsibilities of finance department

 Finance is considered the key role in any organization. Finance is the process of managing and controlling financial resources to meet objectives and achieve set results. Finance also describes the study of accounting, investing and other financial activities.

  •  Finance is an equally important role within a company. The role of finance can be defined as that which handles the accounting functions and administration of money, assets and investments within a company. The duties of this position also include developing procedures for cash management, budgeting, forecasting and payment control.

  •  Finance is the business of controlling, accumulating and allocating financial resources. This can be challenging since it involves managing many details at once. In addition to staying on top of them all, keeping a profitable business running requires good management skills. Thorough knowledge of accounting is vital. Learning the fundamentals of finance can help you apply these core principles to the specific challenges of your company's finances in order to improve performance.

  •  Every company is different. And the size of the company is no exception. Some companies might be small, whereas others are a bit larger, and some are gigantic. But all of them face a common challenge: how do they make themselves attractive to people? How many employees are they going to hire next year? What should they charge in salaries, benefits and bonuses? Where can they find the right people? What kind of culture do they want to develop? And how do they organize themselves so it is easy to reach these goals? These are answered by the HR and finance team. Formula for success, it's time for HR and Finance to work together!


 HR and finance are the two core components of any successful business. Many companies are making it a point to have both departments in place, yet many still struggle in terms of fit and function. To begin with, employers need to understand that these two departments work together rather than at odds with each other. HR cannot achieve its goals without company data on employees, and vice versa.

  •  All companies need to achieve the right balance between their HR and Finance departments. If you are a company with many employees, then it is easy to get lost and forget that they have to work together in order to be successful. This will not only help you make better decisions but also save you money by preventing unnecessary expenses.

  •  The relationship between HR and Finance is an important one to consider in the running of a successful business. While they may seem like two separate departments, they are really one entity that's working together to help improve the company and its bottom line. By sharing information and collaborating with each other, you can better understand the challenges your business faces, as well as how best to solve these challenges.

  •  Formula for success, it's time for HR and Finance to work together!



The conclusion is that on the whole, HR and Finance are complementary in nature as they are both tied to an organization's financial performance while facilitating the continuous improvement of its human resources. In the upcoming blogs we will see about HR internships at abhyaz in detailed manner. 



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2.How do finance and HR socialize?

Finance and human resources are two separate business divisions in many corporations. By keeping expenses and revenues in check, finance supports organizational goals by allocating resources. HR employs, recruits, and inspires employees to further these similar objectives.

3.How does HR and accounting work together?

Accounting expertise may assist a human resources manager with data analysis, developing and presenting budgets for human resources policies and initiatives, and comprehending how employee performance affects company profitability.

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