From Engineering to A Data Analyst

13 Mar 2023 02:49 PM Comment(s) By pooja

About Me

I'm Pooja B, currently pursuing Masters in Biomedical Engineering. I just wanted to know and explore about Data analyst field for healthcare .so for that I wanted some Industrial exposure for enhancing my carrier. At present I was working as a data analyst intern at Abhyaz for past one month. Here, I will share my experience about the internship at Abhyaz platform.

Internship Experience

Though it is a remote internship, I thought that there won’t be much communication and I will be facing many difficulties while interacting but I actually felt like got exposed to work in real office Environment. The Big blue button meeting, was the platform which is used for connecting to the respective teams, so here we will be assigned to each team and form there we will be allocated to separate task we will be interacting with teammates and sharing our screen to clarify any doubts or issues regarding our work and connecting with mentors and the experience was amazing. The User experience of the platform was excellent. Whenever I faced any issues and difficulty my mentor helped me and also my teammates so it made me to feel to work happier in this organization.

Learning Experience

As a Engineering background student, this data analyst field itself pretty much new to me I did not have any technical background about what is data analyst and what are the skills required for working as an analyst. Now I got much awareness and also, I learnt to improve my technical background such as CRM and analytics as well as soft skills and handled how to complete works in the given deadline. I was working in account mapping team and I learnt to work in Zoho CRM platform, Web scraping tools and also in analytics and also got some exposure to work in HR teams for sending mails to the respective selected new interns for starting their internship at Abhyaz platform. Now at present I learnt what is CRM, Data analytics and had an overview about what is all about.


Thank you Abhyaz for giving me this wonderful opportunity to work in your organization. Now I feel confident to develop skills in my upcoming data analyst carrier and also in my healthcare sector. Now feel confident to work with real time projects and industries and I wish all the upcoming new intern students also feel happy to work in the organization.



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