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13 May 2022 04:11 PM Comment(s) By Trapti Singh


As we all know, our educational system has altered tremendously since the Pandemic. As a result, with the use of e-learning and digital platforms, teaching can now be done remotely. How can engineering education be unaffected by it? Whether it's GATE coaching, engineering subject coaching, or learning a new software everything is available on an online platform that's simple to use and has a wealth of study materials. Even some surveys say online education is less time-consuming and increases the retention of information.

But what about the practical experience? As proposed by NEP2020, the government is now focusing more on students' practical knowledge. Following the introduction of NEP2020, an institute's obligation will be to provide sufficient field knowledge to students. For that, they have to introduce them to internship and skill development programs. As a result, introducing field-specific software to the students for skill development would be very important.

We understand the relevance of CNC, Automation, Robotics, and Industry4.0 software in the manufacturing industry. This programme would be extremely beneficial in increasing students' employability in these industries.

Here we came up with the Abhyaz e-learning platform, which provides all software linked to fundamental engineering fields. As well as, provides delivery of outcome-based education and builds NEP2020 alignments.

What is the Abhyaz e-learning platform?

Abhyaz is one of its kind e-learning platform. where all other e-learning platforms focus on skill development in regular courses, it comes with hope for core engineering branches. it is the spin-off of MTAB engineers Pvt. Ltd. which is already a pioneer in skill development and training in the field of Automation, CNC, Robotics, and Industry 4.0. In 2011, MTAB started its training branch MTAB Technology centre which solely focused on skill development and training in advanced manufacturing technology.

 In the year 2012, they started developing their e-learning platform. And by the year 2020, they merged their e-learning and software offering to provide more comprehensive engineering training solutions on a unified platform - Abhyaz. Abhyaz as the name suggests offers practice-based experiential learning. Abhyaz's key pillars are a social learning experience, peer to peer review and flipped classroom approach where participants learn from each other and pay it forward for others to learn from their outcomes. 

Abhyaz offers 2 products - Abhyaz Skill Program and Abhyaz Talent Program. As the names suggest, Abhyaz Skill Program focuses on building knowledge and skills while Abhyaz Talent Program focuses on identifying and developing talent. 

Features of the Abhyaz platform

The Abhyaz platform has several distinguishing qualities that set it apart from others.

  • The Abhyaz e-learning platform is a combination of virtual engineering laboratories, a learning management system, and a community.
  • Assessments, internships, and projects are all part of a professional portfolio's credentialing process.
  • At this platform you will have access to learning materials such as wiki and e-learning, and community resources.
  • With the access to data analytics you can define and track, competencies, outcomes and infrastructure utilization
  • Abhyaz builds learning plans through competency mapping
  • Here, we access community resources and labs to build outcome-based assessments and experiments
  • And with the abhyaz e-learning platform annual subscription we built a community of scholars, and faculty industry professionals as content consumers through assessments experiments and workshops.

Abhyaz delivers outcomes with lab resources through social and peers learning technology.

What is ASP?

Abhyaz Skill Program offers a bouquet of e-learning and complimentary software on a subscription basis. This solution is directly delivered to your LMS and allows the software to be enabled on your client-side. As an educational institution, training centre, training department or independent trainers can use the ASP product to deliver curriculum, co-curriculum and skill development courses to your learners.

Now, what will you get by the subscription?

Benefits of ASP

  • More than 15 Advanced digital manufacturing technologies accessible across mechanical, electrical, and electronics engineering
  • Industrial Robotics, Industrial Automation, Design CAD, Manufacturing CAM Analysis FEA, Electronics EDA, Electrical and Mechanical Dynamics, Communication Electromagnetic, and RF are all available technologies.
  • already following all industry standards such as,
  1. Robotics - ISO, ANSI/RIA, OSHA, ISO/TS
  2. Automation - IEC standards
  3. Manufacturing: ISO, OHSAS Standards
  • All available content is original equipment manufacturer specifications that are ABB, Fanuc, KUKA, Mitsubishi, MTAB, Siemens, and many more.
  • Moreover, All industry-relevant e-learning modules in formats of SCORM, Videos, and H5P enable NEP 2020 alignment for institutions thru online course delivery, technology implementation, digital resources, and much more.
  • In addition, you'll get multiple offline 3D programming and simulation software emulating actual industrial systems and advanced graphical simulation for easy and interactive learning. the software can be installed on client-side devices
  • you can simulate and store your program from your device with troubleshooting methods through faulty programming and corrective processes.
  • Abhyaz provides faculty members with its platform. With access to community resources such as learning plans, webinars, experiments, wiki, and much more.
  • Full support is available through live chat, offline support desk via email, as well as live assist through remote desktop.
  • Above all, the trial is free for faculty/trainers. if they are satisfied with the product content and software then only you can go for an annual subscription plan.

What will you get from the Abhyaz e-learning platform?

The program will surely increase the employability of your graduates. your curriculum would be of top-notch standards with the addition of the program. These features, obviously increase the enrollment rate of your institute. Moreover, Abhyaz provides faculty development and industry partnership too. which makes it unique. In addition, it will increase the credibility of the institute for its NBA/NAAC accreditation. And above all, students don't need to go to any other institute to enhance their industrial skills because they will gain all the industrial software knowledge during their graduation itself.

What you need?

Now, if you are opting for the subscription. what are the requirements?

  • Laptop/Desktop (10" or higher) with audio/ video functionality.
  • CPU configuration minimum - Intel i3 processor, 64 bit, Windows 7, 8, or 10 with Memory- 4-8 GB RAM
  • Internet speed 10 to 20 Mbps

ASP plan feature

The subscription is for a year. In which 100 students can enrol in 150+ courses with 1500+ hours of skill development. For the time being, licence subscriptions are only available for 100 students. CNCTrain, M-Robot, AristoSim and CIMSIM are among the digital manufacturing software included in the bundle. Apart, from that, we also offer free open-source tools such as 4diac IDE, CAMotics, FreeCAD, FEA Tool Multiphysics, and PICsimlab.

It is a one-year subscription plan. In which 100 students can enrol in 150+ courses with skill development for 1500+ hrs. The license subscription for each software would be 100. The software included in the package is CNCTrain, M-Robot, and CIMSIM. AristoSim will also be available at a specific price and if you for a lifetime subscription it will be free.

The other Technology that Abhyaz Provide

  • 15+ Advanced digital manufacturing technologies accessible across mechanical, electrical, and electronics engineering
  • Client-side installation of the software will be done by the Abhyaz 
  • For digital manufacturing technologies software like CNCTRain, AristoSIM, and M-Robot, a CIMSIM license will be provided
Free Add On of 50+ open-source software

other than this you will get full support from the admin side through email, live chat, and live assistance through a remote desktop. In addition, Faculty membership to all the listed faculty.

If we talk about the subscription fee, it is supplied as an annual subscription after the trial time, and this Platform charges only 1.5 lakh for 100 students. The cost varies depending on the number of learners.

If we talk about the subscription fee, after the trial period, it is provided as an annual subscription. This Platform charges only 1.5 lakh for 100 students. Although, charges vary with the number of students.


So, what are you waiting for? join this community learning platform for activity-based knowledge integration of learning content with a peer group, trainer, mentor, and community support.

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Q.1. How long is the free trial access for?

Ans. 7 days.

Q.2.Do I get any offers if I need more Subscriptions?

Ans. yes, you can reach out to us. how many subscriptions do you need we will quote you the price accordingly (more than 100).

Q.3. What are the digital manufacturing technologies software available on the abhyaz e-learning platform?

Ans. CNCTRAIN, M-ROBOT, CIMSIM, and AristoSIM digital manufacturing technologies software are available.

Q.4. How do I get the software delivered to my system?

Ans. we will share with you the .exe file to download and install into your system

Q.5. How do I get access to the content of the e-learning platform?

Ans. Once your subscription is done, we will share a SCORM dispatcher file with you.

Q.6. Is the content of your e-learning platform copyrighted?

Ans. yes, it is copyrighted. 

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