Developing Abhyaz

09 Aug 2022 02:44 PM Comment(s) By Swathi

            Abhyaz as a firm for skill growth and training was formed in 2020. Abhyaz is a part of MTAB Technology center which provides hands-on training in advanced manufacturing technology. Developing a firm from scratch is a challenge, similarly changing a company from a traditional working model to a digital platform where people work from a remote environment also has its perks. 

How did Abhyaz manage the change? 

In the initial stages, the team had the idea but implementing them in a remote workspace was a challenge. Abhyaz implemented the remote working idea with the help of moodle platform and Zoho. It was new for everyone to adapt to the platforms. Initially, Zoho was used in large amounts, then the team slowly moved to adapt moodle.

            As the team felt difficulty in adapting to the workspace we thought we needed to concentrate more on the core structure of the platform and make it user-friendly. Also, in the beginning, Abhyaz used to provide internships by linking with colleges and students and the interns would pay for the internships, but later it was changed.

            In 2021, The team decided to make changes and developments in the platform to make it user-friendly and to attract more users. They came up with more new ideas to be implemented. The internship was changed into a paid internship where the company will pay the interns for their work. Initially, Abhyaz had only the Engineering and operation teams, then with the idea of expanding fields like HR, Finance, Data science, Web Developers, Technical writers, Digital Marketing etc were added. After making the changes the platform was relaunched in 2022.


            After the relaunch, Abhyaz started to provide fully-fledged internship programs in different fields. The selection process of the interns was also changed based on the portfolio development and peer-to-peer grading. Now the internship is based on self-registration where interested candidates can submit their portfolios based on which the selection process will happen. Instead of giving a few questions for assessment, our team decided to choose the portfolio submission method so that we can learn about the skills of the candidates.

Failure is a great way to learn. In facing every challenge, our team has gone through many failures, and in every failure, we learn and we improve. We as a team have gained lots of Experience and knowledge in this process of creating and successfully developing this E-Learning platform.


What is different compared to other companies?

  • Abhyaz mainly uses interns as its workforce

  • The working time of interns is 5 hours

  • selection is self-registration and portfolio based

  • peer to peer grading

  • paid internship


Programs offered by Abhyaz

Abhyaz offers access to 60+ engineering software across 15+ broad technologies like mechanical, electrical, electronics, civil engineering, and more. The platform has three primary verticals


  • Abhyaz Skill Program offers Virtual labs and Projects in Core Engineering for Faculties and Scholars.

  • Abhyaz Talent Program offers Career Boot camps, Intern-ships, and Customized Onboarding for Scholars, Candidates, and new employees.

  • Abhyaz Virtual Workplace offers engineering tools and knowledge management for Professionals and Managers.


How is it useful for educational institutes and industries?

            The educational institutes and industries can use the infrastructure provided by Abhyaz to teach the students and learners about the technology, give hands-on training and also implement their projects with the help of our interns.

Partnerships and Customers

MTAB Technology center is accredited by IASC and ASDC and is an authorized Training partner of Siemens, IHK Germany. Our Indian customers include APSSDC, AP Engineering colleges, polytechnics, ITIs, TVS, Rane, NTTF, IITs, and NITs. We have established and supplied more than 50 centers of excellence in premier engineering institutions.


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