Building Abhyaz    

05 Sep 2023 04:44 PM By Swathi

In the last 18 months, Abhyaz has evolved into a successful firm providing skill growth training and solutions. Abhyaz provides hands-on training in advanced manufacturing technologies such as robotics, CNC, Automation, etc. We have a well-defined platform with engineering tools and infrastructure. The Industries can use the infrastructure and also the team of interns from different fields for their work. The Interns can use the platform and learn different technologies and also work on projects from MSMEs and start-ups.

The Abhyaz platform offers portfolio development with peer-to-peer grading for knowledge management. We created the platform into various sections so that we can track the work done by the team, and assess and also capture the process. We use this internally and consistently to improve the project delivery.

We are an innovation hub for data scientists, machine learning engineers, and data engineers. We provide a platform for everyone to learn about data science, analytics and technology. We build products that solve real-world problems through data science and engineering. We believe that every individual can be innovative in their field if they have access to the right tools and resources. We want to help them achieve this goal. Abhyaz currently has different fields like data science, HR, Finance, Operation, Engineering, digital marketing, social media marketing, technical writers, content writers, and much more. We offer 70+ engineering software and 200+ e-learning courses on our platform across 15+ engineering technologies. We have a variety of tools used to solve complex problems in data science. Our key strength is in engineering and we are growing strong in data science.

Programs offered by Abhyaz

Abhyaz offers access to 60+ engineering software across 15+ technologies like mechanical, electrical, electronics, civil engineering, and more. The platform has three verticals

    Abhyaz Skill Program offers Virtual labs and Projects in Core Engineering for Faculties and Scholars. Abhyaz Skill Program is for Engineering education in engineering institutions, polytechnics, job training centers, schools, and skill initiatives like training academies, training divisions, and independent training providers. Here e-learning and software subscription access is delivered directly to your LMS and client-side laptop/workstation. 

        We provide access to 15+ Advanced Manufacturing Technologies in mechanical, electrical, and electronics engineering. 250+ e-learning courses with        specific content are available in ABB, Fanuc, KUKA, Mitsubishi, MTAB, Siemens, and more. We also have Multiple offline 3D programming and        simulation  software emulating actual industrial systems that can be installed on client-side devices.

        ABHYAZ Skill Program brings together the best talent from around the world to develop innovative solutions to real problems facing the industry today       or tomorrow! Our course is designed specifically with you in mind, it has been developed by experts who understand what it takes to deliver high quality       eLearning material that engages students while producing results that matter for employers.

 The Abhyaz Talent Program is a collection of tools that allow both businesses and candidates to find the right fit. It is an engineering knowledge management platform for assessing and developing talent. Abhyaz Talent Program offers Career Boot camps, Intern-ships, and Customized On-boarding for Scholars, Candidates, and new employees. Abhyaz talent program is for MSMEs, start-ups, and professionals looking for interns, gig workers, recruiters, and career agencies looking to assess candidates. It is an Engineering knowledge management platform for assessing and developing talent. It is the process of managing internships from job posts, sourcing applicants, assessing, onboarding, and certifying internship access, evaluating, selecting, and on-board your interns from our vast pool of talents such as engineering students, graduates, and freelancers across the country. People can access standard portfolios across a range of topics in engineering or build their custom portfolio templates with the use of interns.

Abhyaz Virtual Workplace has engineering tools and knowledge management for Professionals and Managers. It has a well-defined workspace where employees and interns can work with different tools.

Last 6 Months Intern count Graph

As we can see in the graph, the number of interns is steadily increasing in the fields of media, HR, Operations, Data Science, and Engineering. The Internships offered by Abhyaz are 4-8 weeks of remote work-from-home opportunities designed to develop professional acumen with real time projects in a team. Technical assessment helps discover the skill gap and bridge it with relevant skill growth training. Technical mentors guide the interns every step while executing engineering projects and industrial case studies. Abhyaz gives valuable hands-on training which is much expected by employers today.