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I am Nivetha Srinivasan. I was HR Intern at abhyaz for 3 month. I am glad to be part of this organization. I gain lot of experience in abhyaz.  My mentors were very patient with me and guided me in my   tasks and also guided me in the hr field knowledge which make me   understand this field deeply,they made working environment of Abhyaz  very pleasant. 

What I learned?

This internship also gets me familiar with Zoho one which I never used before, During the internship I have learned lot of aspects & tasks related to HR like Job publishing, Unpublishing and Republishing in the job roles , Changing the transitions, Bulk emails sending a candidate who can registered the different roles,  Offer letter will be sent to the interns who were selected finally and those candidates were onboarded, Desk ticket Management while reply the candidate about her queries and solve their issues, Sales IQ we can answer the candidate in online chat, Conducting Onboarded session who are all selected for the intern, Check whether the candidate will be submitted the Personal and evaluation portfolio. 

Every week a task was given by our mentor we used to work at the end of the date, we have to complete it & update in Github. We have to update the weekly recurring data in the sheet and working on internship mastersheet and we can close the open job like filled,canceled and declined, we must update the active and inactive interns in the mastersheet and we can work an setting up appraisal cycle process /goal setting I gained lot of technical knowledge in the internship. It introduce me a new kind of working experience. I have never worked the lumi app before, for the presentation. It was a very wonderful experience to work in abhyaz.

Mentors & Team 

         I would like to thank my my mentors Rashmita Madam & Ramya Madam.

I am grateful for the amazing support by the mentors and colleagues  for the friendly environment created by them that helped me a lot in  adjusting in this corporate environment and achieve my tasks on time.


During the internship process it was helped my skills and also growing as an individual and getting a good communication skill.

This was my first internship to begin my career. I heartfully thank to Abhyaz and the team it was a memorable internship.


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