• Returnship: An Opportunity for becoming solopreneur/ freelancer/ business executive with us.
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 An Opportunity for Career Restart

  A Break doesn't need to be Forever

       We know how difficult it can be to find the courage to start from scratch after a break. That's why we're here for you. Thanks to    Abhyaz, you can get back on your feet in no time and start working again. 

 Experience matters:

           At Abhyaz, interns are not an expense but an investment. Real-world experience is the best way to make sure your skills are up-to-date. With Abhyaz, you'll get that experience and more - in HR, Operation, Engineering, Data Science or Content Development. Check out our openings today for more information.

     At Abhyaz we are providing Returnship: An Opportunity for becoming solopreneur/ freelancer/ business executive with us.

              So, what are you waiting for? Join us today and let's work!

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About Internship

    • Internship timing: From Monday to Saturday (1PM to 6PM) 2nd and 4th Saturday will be off (Holiday).

    • Duration: Minimum of 1 month for undergraduate/ 3 month for graduates & returnship members.

    • Certificate:  After your completion of internship, you will be receiving the certificate within a week.

    • Stipend: Outcome based payment ,mentor will evaluate the task and for each qualified outcome you will be paid.


  1. Apply -Click on Join Internship, Select your internship course and fill-up the application form.
  2. Register- Register yourself on Abhyaz Platform.
  3.  Personal Portfolio - Submit a file(s) / Resume that provides personal and educational information about you.          
  4.  Evaluation Portfolio - Submit your evaluation portfolio that includes previously done project/work related ppt that showcase your skill set in your field of expertise or submit the task that is given to you to do within 2 days.
  5. Peer Grading -With  team members where you can grade each other for you work.
  6.  Wrap-up Session - Where you will be presenting your Evaluation Portfolio submission. (Link will be provided on your     registered email on wrap-up session day)
  7. Onboarding Session - Where you onboard with your mentor for your selected course.

Internship Process

    1. Onboard- Onboard with us with your selected course.
    2. Accept your Role- Here you can train and work with us for your role.
    3. Work with Us - Work on your assigned task and complete it.
    4. Submission- Submit your work on filliped classroom.
    5. Certificate and payment- After your work submission get you certificate and payment.

To Know More

 If you need any assistance related to the Course,


Chat with us- click on the chat box window in right corner of the screen; available between Mon- Fri 9.30 AM-6 PM .except public holiday.