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Opportunity for Finishing School for final-year students/Graduates/Job Seekers

 Opportunity for Finishing School for final-year students/Graduates/Job Seekers

There is a big difference between Industry’s expectations and the knowledge that we learn in colleges. Due to this gap, a student struggles a little bit at the beginning of their career. We understood this well and so we are providing a solution to this perpetual problem. With the help of our platform, we have curated courses that will act as finishing schools for fresh graduates and young professionals through our internship program. 

 ['Finishing School' The name reflects that it follows a school or college education and is intended to complete the educational experience. It may consist of an intensive course]

Why Abhyaz?  We at ABHYAZ are creating the opportunities which will upgrade yourself and transform you to easily fit into your dream companies. We have technical and non-technical career opportunities for students from all backgrounds. We involve unique individuals with different experiment and backgrounds, and We provide a Real-world experience to the students so that they can make better use of their skills.

    With Abhyaz, you'll get that  experience and more - in HR, Operation, Engineering, Data Science or Content Development. At Abhyaz, we provide remote internships in various fields that offer real-world experience; for a min of 3 to 6 months & max of 9 month duration.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

So what are you waiting for ? Join us today and let's take a step toward your career!!

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  • Timing: From Monday to Saturday (1PM to 6PM) 2nd and 4th Saturday will be off (Holiday).

  • Duration: Minimum of 3 to 6 months and maximum for 9 months.

  • Certificate: After your completion of internship, you will be receiving the certificate within a week. 


  1. Apply - Click on Join Internship, Select your internship course and  fill up the application form. 
  2. Register- Register yourself on Abhyaz Platform.
  3.  Personal Portfolio - Submit a file(s) / Resume that provides personal and educational information about you.
  4.  Evaluation Portfolio - Submit your evaluation portfolio that includes any project/work related ppt previously you have completed, which can showcase your skill set in your field of expertise or you can submit the task that are given by us. within 2days.
  5. Peer Grading -With  team members and grade each other for your work.
  6.  Wrap-up Session - Where you will be presenting your Evaluation Portfolio submission. (Link will be provided on your registered email on wrap-up session day)
  7. Onboarding Session -Onboard with your mentor for your selected course.


    1. Onboard- Onboard with us with your selected course.
    2. Accept your Role- Here you can train and work with us for your role.
    3. Work with us - Work on your assigned task and complete it.
    4. Submission- Submit your work on flipped classroom.
    5. Certificate - After your work submission get your certificate.

To Know More

If you need any assistance related to the Course :

Contact us :hr@abhyaz.com

Chat with us-  Click on the chatbox window right corner of your screen; available between Mon-Fri 11.00 AM-6:30 PM, except public holidays.